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06-26-2013, 12:36 PM
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But really, I would say try to make your work outs overall more fun.

Look up Marv Marinovic training or Troy Polamalu training. GSP too.

See what they do with a simple kettle bell, swiss ball or medicene balls. I wrestle at home for fun. Its no walk in the park. Real, greco roman wrestling in my own den lol. Thats how I grew up. Was always fun to do a sport like that and it was a great work out.

Play other sports. I play soccer and basketball on the side. Overall increases my coordination, balance, and fitness levels.

If you need a partner, get a friend who is motivated or who wishes to be. Dont want a partner who brings you down. Some guys I use to work out with would slow me down. Other guys brought me to new heights.

But all depends what your situation is.

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