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06-26-2013, 01:50 PM
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If you want to get faster. Charles Poliquin said its as easy as jumping. Explosive workouts.

Go anywhere around your house. Find some challenging tall object. Do 3 sets of trying to reach it. With and without running start.

When your at the gym, try to keep your exercises with the focus of explosion. Squats in general are great but whats better is some sets of jumping squats.

Also, Clean and Jerk and Snatches are great explosive work outs. They did a test in Russia to see which athletes had the best vertical jump. Idk who the other 2 athletes were, but one was an O Weight lifter in Russia and one was a Le parkour guy. Those 2 made it to the finals. Not surprising on the LP guy cuz thats basically his sport. Jumping and full body control. But the OW was doing it with ease!!!!!!! Box jumps were incredible.

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