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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
He wasn't? Says who? Self-proclaimed smart people on message boards?

Guy was 2nd All-NHL and 3rd in RW voting in two of the four years here. Look at what Columbus had to give up to get him for one season and two weeks.

Getting to the Cup finals isn't the only barometer. Building, developing a competitve team year in and year out, and being consistent while doing so is the mark of a good front office (not a great one, but a good one).

Sather has assembled a staff and made moves -- shrewed or not -- who put this organization in a position to challenge. On top of that, the core is extremely young, and Lundqvist has shown no signs of getting old, slowing down, breaking down. Franchise goalies in the mold of a hasek, Roy or Brodeur dont break down until their close to senior citizenship.

Again, all you surgeons bashing Sather? What is your solution?

Answer the question.

What GM out there will do a better job with the resources available? Guys who have succeeded elsewhere fall flat on their faces here. This isn't news. One GM/coach tandem was able to pull it off is almostt 100 years, and they bankrupted the franchise back to a decade of the dark ages to do so.

Friggin greedy fans with zero clue. Where's that Sather appreciation thread from last season? But no, let's fire him because his team with the 3rd best winning pct in the EC since the lockout lost in the 2nd round to a better team.
Glad to hear that you don't consider yourself smart.

Torts had to be replaced because he had been here long enough without enough success. Apply that same formula to Teflon Glen and your argument becomes ludicrous and its your belief that GMs should be kept forever, no matter their miserable failings.

GMs are far more important to the team than coaches. Anyone who does not get this is missing the big picture.

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