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Originally Posted by BonMorrison View Post
Yeesh - you actually didn't read my posts.

Please illustrate to me where I said Grabo was a playmaker. I'll wait. I said Kessel is the elite playmaker. Phil has proven he can produce with players that aren't in tune with his style of play so let me re-iterate one more time: It is a low-risk, high reward scenario. You complain that Grabo will be unable to set up Kessel which is fair, but show me all the beautiful plays Bozak has done to set up Phil. There is literally NO HARM in trying Grabovski with Kessel. At the very worst, there will be absolutely no difference. Next illustrate to me where I made all those excuses you just listed - I didn't. Those are other posters, I'm merely discussing an idea which made you go off on a eerily-Interactif-like rant.
You put your playmakers with your best goal scorers, you dont put a goal scoring center (albeit a bad one) who thinks shot first, with another guy who is an actual goal scorer (kessel) that also thinks shot first. This dynamic DOES NOT WORK. Enough of this crap with calling bozak a "lesser player" the guy can get 55-65 points a season at this current stage, but most importantly he is NOT a shot first center, thats why the bozak-phil dynamic works. Obviously im not going to sit here and say bozak is a 1c, which he isnt, the reason why it works for now is because he isnt a shot first forward. We arent going to deviate from that and put phil in a potential slump to satisfy some1's random thought, thats all there is too it. The "high reward" doesnt even exist right now, grabo has not proven in any context that he can play at a 5.5 m contract in terms of offensive production under RC, and potentially putting a streaky player in a slump is actually high risk as far as I am concerned.

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