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01-07-2004, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Porn*
The choking remark was for olaf who wrote:

If the complaining irks you so then why don't you find your way back to your own message board, Mr. Porn? And check out the all-time record between the Leafs and Preds on your way out the door. Have fun choking in the playoffs.......again.

The rest... your telling me the refs or the nashville team didn't see sundin throw his stick up??? The refs knew... they just didn't call it cause it wasn't necessairy. Once again the rules stipulate that its under the refs discretion.

I'm surprised the leafs are doing as well as they are! 1st in the East isn't too shabby.
Sorry I did not see Olaf's remark.

The referees did not see it, the linesman tried to inform them but cannot make the call in that situation.

Enjoy first, because it won't last.

Have a nice day.

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