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Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
Calgary has got to be up there but with Brodie it might not be such a catastrophe if Giordano has a better year this year.

Giordano - Brodie
Wideman - Butler
Cundari - (BPA Out of Camp/Sarich)

We could pick up a guy like say, Ballard on the cheap. Not good, but not horrible either I think. Wideman has been better than advertised, he seems to do well in Hartley's system.
Yeah....I was surprised how well Wideman performed last year. Could be one of those players that needs some responsibility to thrive, like Johnson in Columbus. But really, that defence is Giordano, Wideman and a bunch of players who strive not to make bad plays (safe players, but not impact players). Definitely near the bottom.

The Ducks are in the bottom 10 IMO, but had a lot of strong performances. Beauchemain, Souray and Allen all played the best hockey they had played in years. Beauchemain always played well in Anaheim, but he'll likely take a half step back. Souray and Allen both probably regress a bit next year. On the other hand, I think Fowler has the potential to take huge steps forward in the next few years. He played well, but had no puck luck all year. If he can put it all together, he'll be a special player. Sbisa could improve on last year's play too, so I don't see the defence as a whole regressing - just various parts of it shifting in performance levels. That said - the defence is good enough to provide good support to the team in the system.

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