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Originally Posted by Mikeyg View Post
It will NOT WORK. They dont play the same game style, theres no point in risking streaky players like phil getting a cold streak because grabo cant set him up. Grabo is NOT a playmaker, you cant make players something that they are not. You cant make komarov a goalscorer, even though the guy gets an "unmissable" chance every game, you cant make players something they arent. There is no evidence that grabo can produce top 6 numbers under RC, and that doesnt help his cause at all. You cant even explain how he went from being great in russia this same year to garbage in the NHL. The GI sickness thing is a joke, and hes not getting anymore chances, its either put out or go home for grabo this year. Say all you want about energy and all that crap, but a 5.5 player NEEDS TO PRODUCE.No production = see ya, and putting him with phil is not a get out of jail free card sorry.
You know that Bozak did not set Kessel up right? Wasn't it something like 8 primary assists on all Kessel goals. The bar is set so low there is no way Grabo can't do more than than. All he has to do is generate more rebounds and deflections than Bozak who doesn't shoot the puck. Bozak has never been able to set PK up so where is the risk?

The evidence that Grabo may produce at least marginal top 6 numbers is in his ridiculours home/road split. He isn't defensively line matched on the road, and presto, he scores again. Not like last year, but his ice time was cut back too. If you have a more reasonable explanation, I would love to hear it, but it seems pretty obvious. Different usage, different results. The linemates didn't change, nor the ice time, so the only difference must be who he was matched against. Yes he wasn't worth 5.5 but don't let his failure to earn the fat money cloud the fact that he can still play, if he is used the way he was until last season. Take the contract out of the equation, and he still had more road points than Bozak while playing less minutes and with players who don't score. He just isn't a shutdown guy.

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