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06-26-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Mikeyg View Post
You can make your reputation on the 3rd line playing sheltered minutes, if kadri, of whom most of this fanbase was on the brink of labeling as a bust can do it, he can too, im not asking for a kadri like ppg outburst, im asking for PROMISE, give us something guy, he is not putting out right now and thats unacceptable. The main thing I personally do not like about grabo is his attitude, I really think he has a problem battling through adversity, and in his own words he seems bored out there. He looked ok during the playoffs (Where ppl on here are always fast to mention how much time he actually played per game) because he said he was "excited" and seemed more energized. You guys are making it seem like good people cant be bought out, which just isnt the case.

Im sorry but for 5.5 million you NEED to produce offensively, all im saying through all of this, which you cant even deny, yeah i get that this could of been an off year or whatever (Which is why I agree with giving him 1 more year) he has not shown any offensive promise under randy and say what you want, but it IS troubling. Enough with the linemates and icetime excuses, he played an ample amount of ice time, and had plenty of opportunity to show some offense, but 1 goal in the last 30 games? theres something wrong with that. Its almost 100% unlikely that he will play with phil going forward because he hasnt shown that he can produce under RC, and RC will tend to only reward those who deserve it the most. Its the exact same terrible argument as the colborne one. RC will NOT give you anything, it has to be earned, ask yourself HONESTLY, does grabo deserve 1c? the answer is no
But he doesn't get sheltered minutes which is exactly the problem. The entire reason why Kadri had his gigantic point outburst was because Carlyle intentionally gave him sheltered minutes. Kadri's point output hit a sharp decline as soon as he usurped the 2nd line position from Grabovski. Do you really think Carlyle is going to give Grabovski sheltered minutes out there? It's hard to make a reputation when a) you're not going to get top six minutes an b) the minutes you get are not going to be sheltered minutes. I get where you're coming from but with Carlyle's track record, you KNOW that's not what's going to happen next season (if Grabovski is still around).

I already said he will likely never live up to his 5.5 and has been troubled under Carlyle hence my suggestion of switching things up and trying something that hasn't been tried in 3 years.

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