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Originally Posted by bruyns View Post
You are really on fire with misinformed posts!

"but dont act like he was put in the shutdown role from the beginning"

Why shouldn't people act like that when it was the case? Right from day one Grabovski was our top defensive C who was routinely matched up against the opposition's top lines. Carlyle didn't trust Kadri to play tough minutes and the Bozak unit has never been know for it defensive play. Grabovski wasn't getting sheltered minutes and offensive opportunities and then had that position taken from him by Kadri. I don't know if you didn't follow the team this season or how you can be so oblivious to player usage, but Kadri always had the soft minutes and offensive zone starts he didn't take them from Grabovski because he was more deserving.
Was grabo our number 3 and or at times 4c coming out of camp? no. Ive been watching leafs games for literally 21 years, im quite informed thanks. The problem that this whole argument has, is you people say that "phil can create his own offense" well why cant grabo then? he has shown us NOTHING in terms of pure offensive production in the last 25+ games. Please dont try to say that kadri got the offensive starts because he was less deserving then grabo... the guy had 3 ppg seasons in the marlies before even getting a chance, and he sure as hell made the most of it. Lets think honestly here for a second, if the other team ices the puck, who would you HONESTLY play, grabo or kadri right now? the decision is obvious beyond belief. All I want is some offensive promise out of grabo to start this season, if that is too much to ask then he should be bought out right now. Offensive promise gives you offensive OPPORTUNITY, thats what it all comes down too imo

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