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Originally Posted by Flowzie View Post
Any stick and puck or public skating in your area? Hit those up and use that for cardio. Or just a ride a bike, I find that to be much more useful than running (my knees suck). Find a hill and sprint up it on your bike.

Motivation though, I don't really know what to tell you. I am extremely motivated when I workout as I know that increasing my strength will improve my game. Also I can physically see changes for the better which is always nice.
Your knees dont just happen to ****.
There is something you have done or been doing that has weakened them and theres PLENTY you can do to recover from it and strengthen it.

First starts with proper massages and proper stretching. Join a yoga class or look up different positions online especially ones that target your knee, quad area. These type of static stretches or PNF stretches should be performed apart from your strength and conditioning. Never before, only after but ideally at a different time all together.

Its really not difficult to spend about 30 minutes a day or at least 5x a week on stretches like this. I often do it during a TV show or movie. Though its best done with proper focus.

Get a foam roller. Great in strengthening your muscle fibers and loosening it up.

If your knees are really bothering you then When you work out, stay away from weights. There is plenty you can do without. Simple body weight squats is one of millions of examples. If you want something different from just body weights all the time, get restrictive bands or do some exercises in a pool or at the beach. I would seriously stay away from weights and do more gymnastic base work outs. If you want to come back to weights, first strengthen your body through these body weight exercises. Learn proper form and strengthen your BALANCE and CORE. Then you can apply heavier loads if wish. But note, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.

Get the knots out of your foot. Get a ball, golf/soft/baseball. Use them night and day for a few minutes. A muscle issue in your foot can cause issues all around your body.

Biking is great conditioning for this but even such, its not normal for you to have knee problems and you can fix it. All it means is you change your lifestyle a bit

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