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10-18-2006, 07:07 PM
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Anyone here is somewhat into baseball's Sabremetrics and/or stats analysis geekiness, thrown with a lot of Bill James? If so, you surely heard or red about the "Ken Phelps All-Star (team)"... About the players who HAS unshieldable weakness but one (or some) redeeming qualities that, if used effectively, the player could perform very well, and even turn out to be a star (which is somewhat what happened with Souray...). They key is to avoid to expose his weaknesses, and use his strenghts to the max.

Now, given "today's" game, Souray, with the sum of his "habilities", should BARELY break up an NHL roster, because those weaknesses are so ... like, evident. Let's be honest : for hockey smarts and agilitly, many, if not ALL the D's drafted in the first three rounds of last draft are ahead of Souray. BUT... He really brings something NO other D brings to team in term of "combined strenghts" -- PP AND PK guy, rocketshot, enforcing, leadership. Heck, Andy Delmore was able to get a job in this league for many years, and of those points, he was a capable player in only one departement -- and a much less effective player than Souray, in that regard -- and he had no other strenght whatsoever, well, maybe aside skating, but he wasn't even able to put it to good use.

Granted, Souray is a liability when asked to stop the top-6 of a team -- but we have Markov, Komisarek, and, at some point, Dandenault for speed and Rivet for smarts and guts for this job. However, if there's one guy I'd send to the ice when the grinder line and the enforcer line or whatever scrubs line, it's him.

Also, maybe because of the other effectives with the team, I think he's matched with the worst partner he could be matched with this year -- he's already slow, by pair with with the 2nd slowest D-Men with the team? I'd like to see him with Komisarek, who's at least faster than Rivet, but I clearly understand why Markov and Komisarek play together. And Dandy, well, isn't fit enough (nothing to do with physical shape, that guy's a monster and is actually my 2006 mancrush ) for something else than bottom pairing, unless there's an emergency. Streit would be okay, but that would give us a helluva turnover machine unless proved otherwise with Streit... And he can't play with Markov and Niinimaa, 'cuz, well, they play on the same side. My take? Play him on the 3rd pairing with Dandy, and the 2nd with ... Komo? when Streit is in the lineup. 3rd pair means he won't be exposed as much, and at least, will be with a wheeled guy... Okay, that screws us up with time putting Niinimaa with Rivet or Rivet on the 1st pairing with Markov (which worked in the past, but Rivet isn't getting any faster...)... I don't know. So many drawbacks for every move. Trade Niinimaa, Downey and a 2nd for Dion Phaneuf.

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