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Originally Posted by SoupyFIN
And Vancouver isn't retaining salary, they're a cap ceiling team contending for the cup. Retaining salary would be a massive blow to their cap structure and weaken their ability to improve the team through FA/trades.
Vancouver is more than a cap ceiling team... Vancouver is a team that cut a hole through the cap ceiling... On paper, the Canucks have been operating above the cap for a few years... The only negative impact has been the odd player movement between the AHL and NHL... It's like the Canucks operate with "probability of injury" into the salary cap equation... The Canucks have a cap "expert" in Gilman, who's done an outstanding job to date managing the cap...

Up until now, this was done to ice the most expensive roster possible... The new mantra is younger, bigger, more powerful (i.e. great entry level contract players)... I think the Canucks would be prepared to operate similarly, retaining salary, for the "right" return (entry level contract player(s))... provided it's between $.5m to $1m salary retained... It wouldn't weaken the Canucks ability to improve the team through free agency or trades... It would, theoretically, give the Canucks the same cap room as every other team... with the Luongo salary retention being kept in that hole in the ceiling... The reason the Canucks haven't done this, to date, is because they didn't want to retain salary (it's obviously better if they don't do it)... But if the Canucks can exponentially increase the return from a cap concerned team as a result, I think they'd be prepared to do it...

For a team like Florida though, the salary retained doesn't really matter... I'd imagine the higher the bad contract returning, the better (in terms of squeezing value out of Luongo)...

One thing that won't happen, is Luongo will not be bought out...

Edit: Happy Birthday, btw

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