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Originally Posted by Superstar Treatment View Post
I'll admit, I play down sometimes 'cause I have friends that play in low divisions so I help if they're short. Won't ever play a playoff game.

But, there's an etiquette to being a "ringer." Don't showboat, I've had guys get way more mad at showboating than just putting your head down and skating hard. And passing should always be your first, second and third look. And, since I'm a defenseman, I mainly just play the front of the net, not the guy with the puck.
I'm probably what would be considered a ringer. I'm playing in the EJ/USPHL next year, on a path to the NA and then college. My sister's team is too good for the women's league in the area, so they moved into a men's league for a challenge. They asked me to play, so I do. I usually play a physical defense, so I decided to play wing for this. I'm an awful forward, but still am, more often than not, the best player on the ice. That being said, I don't showboat or anything like that and my philosophy is always pass first. No cherrypicking and I don't deke around the D for breakaways. One thing that pisses me off to no end is the guys who decide that no one in the world can be better than them. I almost had to be stretchered off of the ice because a guy I was playing against decided to run me from behind while I was fishing the puck out of a dead spot in the ice. I ended up skating off under my own power without any serious injuries (a neck sprain and a fractured ring finger somehow) but that really pissed me off.

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