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06-26-2013, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by JC704 View Post
Is anybody as annoyed as I am at the fact that they see so many "Marc Staal proposals" and discussions about trades in this entire forum? Not that Staal doesn't equate to Carolina's 5th pick and more, but let's face the facts here. As good as McDonagh, Girardi, Moore and Del Zotto all are, Staal is still our most complete and best Defenseman. Do you think that it is a coincidence that the Rangers, who played a very similar grinding type of style with good two-way forwards and a great Goaltender bowed out in the playoffs in 5 games to Boston, especially considering they have played Boston fairly well over the last 4-5 years?

It's no coincidence. Staal may not be an elite 60-point Defenseman, but he is an elite, defensive one who is a solid offensive player and fits perfectly in the Rangers Top 4 for their organizational approach. It seems like there are a lot more people (not a majority, of course, far from) who would be very willing to listen to trades and would seemingly, welcome a trade opportunity. Marc loves it in New York and I understand his two brothers play in Carolina, but that does not necessarily mean that he's going to want to follow suit.

I genuinely hope that he gets the raise he deserves once his contract is up and he is as close to a Ranger for life as you can get. I may be biased, but I think, disregarding Staal's eye injury (which doctors say he should recover up to 90%, if not more of his vision back and be ready for next season), Staal and McDonagh on the left side is probably the best two on that side in the entire league. They are a serious part of what we do here and I think moving or entertaining the idea of moving on from Staal would be a serious, serious mistake. IMHO.
This may all be true, but right now McDonagh is better, and he will be in the future. We don't need 2 #1 LDs. We need to trade from a position of strength to fill a hole. That's what this is. The way I see it, we trade either DZ or Staal, and I think we can get more for Staal, plus we can't afford to lose DZ's offense.

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