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Originally Posted by darko View Post
Come playoffs I want to have Staal on 1st pairing and McD on 2nd (or vice versa). It makes shutting down other team's top lines that much easier. Depth on the back end is a good thing.
I agree with this logic. If we can rotate sending Staal/McDonagh out there to shut down the Ovechkins of the world, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Originally Posted by EpicDing View Post
This may all be true, but right now McDonagh is better, and he will be in the future. We don't need 2 #1 LDs. We need to trade from a position of strength to fill a hole. That's what this is. The way I see it, we trade either DZ or Staal, and I think we can get more for Staal, plus we can't afford to lose DZ's offense.
I disagree with this. Staal/McDonagh as the better player is debatable and both arguments can bring great points. I just really feel since Staal has battled a few injuries over the last two seasons, a lot of fans have forgotten just how great and important he CAN be. I'm just going to agree to disagree here.

The one thing I will agree to is that if Staal HAS to be moved, I want a big-time established Top 6 Winger in return. Ex: I'd much rather go to Anaheim and offer Staal for Ryan than Carolina and offer Staal for the 5th pick + or Skinner (Not completely sold on him as the elite Winger we need).

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