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06-26-2013, 08:38 PM
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Bryzgalov would have to come at a very cheap price for the Flames to keep him. This is not about such things like being able to give a higher salary/cap hit due to the Flames financial situation, but more about what is best for the team.

He's probably a bit difficult to work with. I do believe he is skilled more than what Philadelphia fans give him credit for. In addition, I feel Bryzgalov's a bit overrated, but that has to do with his perceived ego/personality.

However, there's reasons as to why I would not to see the Flames go after ANY veteran possible #1 goaltender, let alone a controversial one in the talent he brings and the locker-room presence.

1) They're unproven as a team. It's hard to say how even a Lundqvist, Quick, Rask, or Price would perform behind such a team, regardless of Hartley's systems.
2) They're young. Why bother with a goaltender in his prime if they have to wait 5 years for everything to develop into a contender? Most players do not get better with age like Thomas did.
3) They're unproven as individuals. There's quite a few players that are itching at the chance to secure their career in the big leagues - putting a veteran doesn't necessarily make them hungrier to overcome, just disappointed that the organization has little trust in their potential development. Goaltenders are an especially sore spot in this regard for the Flames.

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