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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
The one thing that concerns me about the PS4 is they took away an integral part of their controller hopes when they pulled their camera to get down to $399 for launch. Apparently they had a lot of really cool things planned, because the regular controller and the camera interacted, but a lot of devs aren't bothering now since it will be an extra attachment.

I really won't use Kinect that much, but there are a few features I will use for sure. As for the PS4 being more powerful under the hood....well so was the PS3.

My overall decision to preorder a XBone instead of a PS4 came down to a few small things though. Controller design is important for me, and I find the dualshock to be one of my least favorite controllers made in the last 20 years. Also I just have a very strange feeling about EA and MS doing a fairly large partnership in the future. Look at Titanfall, that was one of the best looking games at E3, and it's an EA title exclusive to MS.
The PS3 apparently was super awkward for developers though. The PS4 is more simple than the PS3's cell processor ever was.

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