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06-26-2013, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by nucks88 View Post
No class whatsoever. I think the media in this town is out of control under the guise of being the fan's voice. For the most part they are pompous and childish. I think the fans and Torts deserve better than that. If they start treating him as that goof Taylor did I think you will see the fans side with Torts- we aren't as ignorant as they think we are.
The media in general loves to report on itself. It's why when a reporter gets kidnapped in Afghanistan or Iraq, it's a massive story - they get to talk about themselves and frame the conversation in heroics.

There hasn't been an interview since Torts has been hired where the entire conversation isn't built around his interactions with media members. These morons love it when they're part of the story.

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