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06-26-2013, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Smashville615 View Post
Yeah sureeee.....he was just mentioned a couple times. What i saw was people clamoring for him because suddenly certain players may not be available at #4. I even remember people saying they would pick Valeri over Jones if it came to head at the forth pick.
The Russian thing was blown way out of proportion and i won't get into why.

The post about how good NFL players do at the combine and so on. Look Valerie never did anything physical we know that from earlier reports. "His interviews weren't the best"
That is a little short changing. Teams were not impressed amd he quit several evaluations?? Are you serious!
Especially after he is quoted that he did not care about the tests and just really wanted to talk to teams. So you got your chance at the only thing you think you are worthy of doing and you walk out on some of them and leave an impression with most that you are an a.s.s.???? Quote: I don't prepare or workout because i do not want to be exuasted during the season.. What????
This is coming from the head scout of ISS not some on the forecheck blogger.
Downplay it all you want the guy has no business in Nashville at the #4 pick.
I don't think he gets picked at 4 because he's not in the top 4 talent wise. I just think what goes on at the combine gets blown out of proportion, both ways. I see what you're saying but the only thing that should be a concern is what can the kid do on the ice. He is still not in the top 4 because of that. If it comes down to him and Jones, Jones is the easy pick. I wouldn't think twice about it if I'm Poile, regardless of team need. You take the best player at 4. It's easy. Whoever the other three teams take, you take the one remaining. If Tampa takes Nich, then we have a choice to make at 4 as two players, at least one of which is a forward is left. I still say you go with the BPA. If it's Barkov and Drouin, I would take Drouin. If it's Barkov and Jones, I take Jones. Nothing against Barkov but as good as he is, is he the best guy on the board. If it's Drouin and Jones, then it's a toss up and you win either way.

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