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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
your a fun guy or boy...Johnny Boychuk was traded to Bruins for Matt Hendrick by Av's..he was unproven but has turned out to be a top 4 dman in this league.

I have followed Oleksiak since he was drafted...I copied and pasted to prove a point that scouts and sites that are dedicated to prospects think this guy is legit...but you know probably had to look up his name to figure out who he was.

anyone who says that Del Zotto is dominate doesn't know **** about hockey. I like del Zotto but he is nothing special...because he put up 40 points doesn't mean squat if you cant play your position...everyone loves offensive dmen...just like the ducks when they fell in love with Whitney and gave up Kunitz and when Stars fell in love with alex goligoski
Matt Hendricks at the time, and still at this point in time, not a better hockey player than Michael Del Zotto. So the point you are trying to make is irrelevant. Apples to oranges. Boychuk is a good defenseman but nothing stellar. And Boychuk was acquired at age 24 in 2008. You act as if Boychuk was some blue chip prospect. What comparison are you trying to make? Boychuk has hardly produced since he broke into the league at 26 years old. Try again.

Del Zotto is 23 years old. 23! What don't you understand? I don't think you watch crap. Because del zotto had improved his defensive game significantly this year. He was our best defenseman for a majority of the season. Does he make mistakes here and there? Yes, some damn bonehead ones. But the others do too. McDonagh made some bad plays this year, but because his defensive game isn't always scrutinized it goes unnoticed by people like you. You need to have offensive defensemen. You need production from the blueline. Del Zotto has good speed and acceleration and he make some fantastic outlet passes. You need that on a roster. He is only 23 years old, there is room for improvement.

And following a prospects stats since they were drafted hardly means you have followed the player intently. In fact it means jack **** to be honest. If that were the case Christian Thomas should be in the NHL right now, no? Grachev too. Guess who has played in the NHL. Del Zotto. He was on pace for his 2nd 40 point season. He had 37 in his rookie year. Give it a rest already. It is ok to not like a player, it is completely different to judge him based on your bias against him.

Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
oh wait, he will be now or he wont be..I say he is going to be good and you said he wont but someone else said he is going to be good and you say he will be...some conviction on your part...
Oh wait, did I say Oleksiak is a bad prospect? Nope. Not once. And I know exactly who he is and that he has potential. Potential means nothing to me when you are making a bad trade to acquire that potential. I never said who he will or won't be. You said he could be as good or better than Hedman. YOU said that, not me. I disputed it by arguing that how is as good as Hedman or better, better than Del Zotto? Hedman makes boneheaded plays too and he hasn't even put up 30+ points. He is just a year younger than DZ. So you would like to trade for someone who could end up producing, possibly, as much as Del Zotto? Possibly, no guarantee. And DZ is just 23 years old and on a good contract.

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