Thread: Speculation: 2013-2014 Roster Discussion II
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06-27-2013, 03:43 AM
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It won't matter if the cap goes up to $75M next season. Dean couldn't sign a super star to save his life. Two of the top guys he signed in LA are Mitchell and Scuderi. Scuds had to leave because of cap room IIRC. Willie was coming off major concussion issues. And even those two aren't real star players. If Vanek were to hit the open market, Dean would be rumored to be one of the teams after him and then he'd sign with someone like the Rangers or some other team that can actually lure him in. Maybe winning the cup would change that but who knows. All I'd like is for Holloway to be signed and at least give him a shot but I 100% do not expect that to happen.

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