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06-27-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Championship View Post
Staal is fine.
He is? Are you his doctor? It's been reported that his eye may never be 100% back to where it was. He's played only 1 game since he got hurt. No one has any idea if he'll be able to return to his former level. If you don't think that hurts his value, you're crazy.

But if you wait a year his value does go down.
No, it only hurts the chances of you getting your precious top 5 pick.

Who is to say that Carolina would even need a top 4 D-man then? Or have a top 5 pick in a draft where the top end is VERY good? The time to get the most out of that team is now. They are desperate.
You sound like the desperate one. Who says Staal even wants to go there? Who says carolina wants him? You're saying all this based on assumptions which may not be true.

Side Note: People around here gotta get new material. "Shiny New Toy"? Really? Let's move on from that one already, every other person says it.
Sorry, but it's the truth. The only reason you want to trade Staal now is for the #5 pick. If they had the 20th pick, you wouldn't even be suggesting that we trade him.

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