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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
He is? Are you his doctor? It's been reported that his eye may never be 100% back to where it was. He's played only 1 game since he got hurt. No one has any idea if he'll be able to return to his former level. If you don't think that hurts his value, you're crazy.

No, it only hurts the chances of you getting your precious top 5 pick.

You sound like the desperate one. Who says Staal even wants to go there? Who says carolina wants him? You're saying all this based on an assumptions which may not be true.

Sorry, but it's the truth. The only reason you want to trade Staal now is for the #5 pick. If they had the 20th pick, you wouldn't even be suggesting that we trade him.
Staal says he'll play like he used to. That's good enough for me.

I'm not desperate at all, I'm just looking at one scenario. A scenario where we can see the tangible pieces. Thats one scenario. You're denial that its a possibility is just as crazy as what I'm saying. When guys like brooks and friedman come out and say things, then I listen. And who says Carolina wants him? Now you're just making yourself look foolish. Not only is he a Staal, but he's the top-4 D-man on a sweetheart contract for two years they've been desperately looking for.

You're ******* right I would rather have #5 over the #20, who wouldn't, The 20th isn't worth Staal, but he IS worth the 5. That #5 is a valuable piece, and whoever that player is will play next year on this team if we got it.

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