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06-27-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I know the feeling only too well. Seems my hockey stick collection from my childhood, sticks I used along with several signed Northlands & CCM's (dont even ask by whom, make ya cry) wound up having the blades cut-off, the shafts used to provide support for steak tomato plants; all of my goalie equipment, including 2 custom made Greg Harrison masks, team jerseys etc, all vanishing long long ago.
i dont even know what happened to my stick actually
i know the blade was chipped up real bad (all wood stick, played street hockey with it), so it probably just went to the dump
my fathers house, where I grew up, is being rented by some people, but the garage still has his/our stuff in it. I keep hoping I'll go over there one day and find it in the attic or something. but no luck.

at the least, i have my SECOND stick of another player I really like
an easton Roenick stick with an aluminum shaft and plastic blade. I know, its not what he used, but I got lots of enjoyment out of it and its still in great condition really.

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