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06-27-2013, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
I think that's pretty childish for beer league. Everyone there is playing just for run, there is nothing significant on the line, they've paid good money to play and just want their ice time.

You, taking them off the ice by "drawing" penalties, which you know they dont deserve, is just taking away their legitimate ice time and stealing their fun from them.

Beer league is not a do whatever it takes to win kind of game. You're not playing for the cup. Being a pest is not a real job on a beer league team.

Screening the goalie, looking for tips, playing hard in front of the net is all fine. But deliberately slashing someone to get them to retaliate, holding sticks to cause hooking calls and playing like a ****** are not, imo, legitimate ways to play beer league hockey.
This -- There's a place for pests in pro hockey, not in beer league hockey. Everyone is there to have some fun and get some exercise, not get pissed off because somebody is intentionally trying to get under their skin. For a lot of guys, that's exactly WHY they go play hockey, to just have some fun with the guys and get away from all the **** in their everyday lives...

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