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06-27-2013, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by MLH View Post
No, you continuously miss the point. His age and role are why his offensive numbers were putrid. I realize than in an injury free season removing these limitations he will not have 7 goals and 27 points going forward. He's going to be an excellent defensive center that will put up 40-50 points a season. A great player to have.
what makes you think your projection is more accurate? what evidence do you lay forth?

You understand the impact of his role on offensive production. that seems to be settled... but you then seem to allow that role to skew your perception on his offensive ceiling.

But not a player that you take #2 overall, will be elite in both zones, or will produce 50 assists in a season, or any of the other crazy exaggerations that consistently get made on this forum.
What reason do you have to believe he can't be a 60-70 pt player in a 20 minute, top 6, all around, Bergeron-esque role

That was the belief in his draft year, and the fact that at 20 he's been dominating JUST the defensive side of the game, should do NOTHING to detract from his still very high offensive potential, not unlike any other draft eligible prospect today.

And let's not pretend that playing against opponents best offensive players is a death spell for your own production. A top defensive center would have pulled Vanek/Hodgson duo against Buffalo last year who are an abortion in their own end.
o zone start %, no PP time

But my doubts were answered in another thread anyway. People just overrate the effect of advanced stats.
that's a good cop out when someone has diddly squat to back up their position

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