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06-27-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by EpicDing View Post
I'm just not a fan of trading MDZ. He put up 40 pts in Torts stifling system. Imagine what he can do with AV.
You say this like AV is going to run a significantly more offensive system than Torts did. For that matter, you're also assuming that MDZ would thrive in a much more open system. Seems like far from a guarantee to me. He is slow(er) on his skates, and can be painfully slow/uncertain with his puck moving decisions at times. Neither of those helps a player succeed in an open offensive system.

Not to mention that this perception of AV is not necessarily who he is as a coach. At times, he ran pretty defensive systems with VAN. We won't know anything until we see what he goes with. Honestly, he probably won't even know until he gets a feel for the team after a number of regular season games...

I don't dislike MDZ, and may be with you on not trading him unless the return is too good to turn down. But expecting him - or anyone else for that matter (who isn't still a prospect) - to blow up offensively next season just because of the coaching change is deluded thinking.

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