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06-27-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Trotz sure did keep his team to playing one style in the last full NHL season. 1st overall PP. 8th in total offense. 10th in goals against. 10th in penalty kill.

His defensive minded approach to the game that absolutely kills offense was never more apparent. Oh and he coached one of the youngest teams in the entire league all season. Younger even than Edmonton, with their three first overalls (who was 20th in Goals per game, while being 3rd in PP).

Sometimes it isn't really the coach. It's a combination of things. For Smith, the guy can play great over short periods of time. He showed that in college. He showed that at the WC. When it comes to the rigors of a full NHL season he simply couldn't hang. He is still young, though. Blaming Trotz for killing his offense is like blaming two days of no rain for killing your crops while ignoring the locust.

There are plenty of things to blame on Trotz. Smith isn't one of them.
Im not saying Trotz isn't the man, because he is.

The dump and chase game while clogging up the neutral zone can be beneficial but it hurts players like Smith who thrive on puck possession, and receiving passes then putting a quick shot on net. That's why I think Smith isn't working like we thought. All I'm saying is we need puck possesion. The great teams in this league are all the best at it. And I could be wrong but I think we were close to last, if not last in that category. That

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