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06-27-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by MLH View Post
It's not a cop out. Advanced stats have become a crutch for people with agendas. I just read that an increase in Couturier's offensive zone starts from 37% to 45% would lead to his point total growing roughly 50%.
Couturier was at 32%... would a 40% increase in offensive opportunities lead to a significant increase of offensive production... YES, I think so. Assuming that the increase in offensive opportunities was coupled with the improved linemates those situations would likely entail.

add in the additional PP time (non existent), that a growing into a more offensive role would also include... and yes, I think a 50% increase in production after a transition/growth period is actually a rather fair assumption.

He'll score 11 goals and 34 points next year and you'll talk about how he's a "building block" (Pat Kane need not apply - too many o-zone starts) because he started his shift in the defefensive zone 38% of the time and how he wasn't good enough to make either of the PP units so obviously his career path shows that he's the next Bergeron. (Obviously at this point we're going to ignore the fact that PB went for 31-42-73 at this age, doesn't support our argument.
I'll judge whatever he does next year, within the context it was done.

your Bergeron example is silly... (post lock out run n gun NHL)... it's still the highest total of his career
context... get some

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