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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Probably did, but you know... I'll modify that to say that it isn't even the point. It's not the roster moves or even the focus on drafting that was the effective change. It was changing the culture of the organization. A salary cap, for example, doesn't force a team to go through team building exercises at West Point.
No, but I think that was more Renney's influence than Sather's.

I have a hard time believing an old dog like Sather can learn new tricks unless he's forced to. This is the guy who said that if he had the Rangers' payroll, he'd never lose. And in his first 4 years, he spent ridiculous amounts of money and did nothing but lose.

Regardless of how much credit you give Sather for the change in culture, it is a welcome change. But I still think we have a ways to go.

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