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06-27-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
and from the sounds of it, you disagree with everything, so you would sit on your *** and do nothing and think the kids are going to bring the team a SC. There is absolutely zero reason not to look into anything and everything that could help the team.
Do me a favor and look at your post history for 5 min.

It's a cluster**** of players that you want. Fairytale trade scenarios which make no sense. Free agents that'll be overpaid like whoa.

You want almost every single player available. And some that are not available.

All you care about, is that shiny new toy. And then when the shine wears off you want another one. And another one.

I want to see some changes. But unlike you, I don't have this wishlist of guys who I believe will lead us to pure dominance. A wishlist that changes every 15 minutes when a new rumor hits twitter.

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