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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I got jumped once by a few guys after a hockey game where I had scored 4 goals including the winning goal in overtime to eliminate them from the playoffs. I was getting into my car after the game and a bunch of guys (4 or 5, I don't really remember) jumped me in the parking lot. Gutless pukes...They left me there bleeding from the back of my head and they smashed a window on my car too. Somehow, I managed to chase down their car and get their license plate even though I had blood completely blinding me in one eye. Then the cops told me they couldn't really do anything because there was no proof that they were the ones driving the car (such BS). It took me a few weeks and a ton of stiches to recover...Missed the rest of the hockey season obviously and I had some temporary trouble with short term memory but it's cleared up now. Had a concussion and bruised kidneys (my pee was pink for a few days).

They didn't play in that league again the next year, I never saw them again and the cops never ended up doing anything. Worst part is the league wasn't even THAT competitive...We all were basically having fun and nobody took it THAT seriously.
Well apparently you did if you scored 4 goals

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