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06-27-2013, 12:49 PM
Steve Kournianos
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The 2004 Fire Sale was Sather waving the white flag. It was his doing that got him there in the first place, but the idea to shift strategy was his. It wasn't predicated on Lundqvist. Once he realized what he had in Lundqvist, he decided to build around him. He and his staff built a coaching staff and a roster based on defense.

Sather made significant moves before that. He stole Jagr for Anson Carter. Jagr won a Pearson in his first full season in NY. He drafted Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal (who sather traded up to get) and Sauer -- four players who might not be all stars, but signified that the franchise was capable of developing NHL talent.

Nobody should ever deny that Lundqvist saved this franchise. But he had help along the way. Sather had a part in that.

Yes, Gorton is a perfect candidate. Yes, it's time for Sather to really lean forward on retiring. But I refuse to agree with the idea that he had little to nothing to do with the current state of the franchise, and that the current state is deplorable.

For 7 seasons, everybody screamed they wanted youth, rebuild, youth, rebuild. They wondered why the Rangers couldnt produce a coveted prospect like the other teams.

take a look at the current roster. You're telling me 29 other GMs/fanbases wouldnt kill for a McDonagh or a Stepan or a Callahan or a Staal or a Lundqvist...possibly a Hagelin, a Kreider and Miller?

Things have changed. I appreciate that. I appreciate the fact that I want them to get into the CF or SCF every year, rather than just getting to .500 or beating the Devils just once or drafting and developing a guy other teams covet.

For all his shortcomings, Sather needs to be recognized for getting the fanbase what they asked for for almost a decade.

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