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06-27-2013, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
HAHA I won't quote one person because it appears you are all very naive. It seems like EVERY game I've played it people slash, throw checks (not a contact league), dive, punch someone in the face, ***** to the refs, chirp the other team, try to start fights, purposely hook, high stick and so many other things. If people want to play that way then I will play to annoy them so they take stupid penalties.

Example 1: whistle has yet to go and I see the puck at the top of the crease and the goalie is going to smother it, I skate hard and try to knock in it the net but the goalie gets it and the whistle blows and I let up. A guy TWO hands me so I slash him back and say "don't ****ing slash me" he *****es to the ref and we both go to the box.

Example 2: offensive zone lose puck on the boards on my wing other guy and I race for it I get there first he takes the but end of his stick and hits me in the ribs. I get the puck to a line mate and then he puts his stick under my arm pit so I don't let it go. He cheated so I did what it took to get him off the ice.

Those sorts of things happen every game and people aren't even trying to have fun. So I do what I do to have fun at peoples expense who take the game too seriously. Those are just a couple of the things that happen not including guys always punching other guys in the face. I have not been punched yet.

Seriously what am I doing that is so bad? Pushing a guy back after he pushes me near their net? Grabbing a stick when someone has already used it as a weapon on me? Slashing when someone slashes me first.

Anyways I'll still feed off the crap because it is funny to me that people don't lighten up and they take a beer league so seriously.
That isn't the situation you described in you original post though. The first story was that you grabbed the stick of anyone near you and yelled at the ref hoping to send them to the box for no justifiable reason. Your other examples were the same; you trying to draw penalties against innocent parties.

I would argue that you are actually the one who needs to lighten up and stop taking a beer league so seriously. You are the one running around acting like a cowardly ******* just to win. Like others have said, you aren't playing for the cup.

Also like others have said, don't be surprised if someone gets sick of your ridiculous antics and drops you. I know if I was your teammate and that's the way you played, I wouldn't step in to defend you if you were being pummeled.

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