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10-19-2006, 08:58 AM
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Wow!!! 4-5 good games in Mtl and yall think we're gonna win the cup or what? And now Ryder is a superstar right? Higgins will score 50 goals right? Huet wins the Vezina? lol COME ON GUYS!!! You all are unrealistic! You're just so happy Mtl can wins some games that you jump all over it while it last. Yo i wish Mtl could win the cup, id go to the parade!!! But im realistic, it will be good if we even make the playoffs!

You're idolizing Ryder now? lol ok yes he is good SO FAR this year, but he is the same garbage goal scorer! When Michael Ryder actually score a highlight reel goal please just please post it here and ill give him props alright? For the guy whos said Ryder is the MVP of the habs so far, well no no way, its Chris Higgins!!!

and for the guy who said Huet from France and Aebisch from Switzerland, duh i knew that bobby, but Huet received an offer from Switzerland, so instead of paying him 3M we should have let him go there! We have Aebischer for #1a why pay a backeup 3M!!! We could have sign a UFA D and still have Ribeiro tha we need! Samsonov-Plekanec-Kovalev, hey yo do you think they are producing great? Ribs was a good centerman for them, hes not fast but he is so creative and what a great passer! he would have find Kovy and Samso for goals!!! And Yeah Ribs is a cool dude, he was fun to watch play and his interviews. Now we have low key players wo are dull to see. When you have a Micheal Ryder appreciation thread that tells me all about it!!! If Kovalev had a heart ok we'd have a superstar but he doesnt so we don't. So you turn to Micheal Ryder cause he put up some points lol!

I hope he continues his good play but being Ryder and not an actual very good player i wouldnt be surprise it'll stop in not to long but oh well, hope he surprises me. but hell always stay Micheal Ryder for me, a third line player in a good team.

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