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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
Those sorts of things happen every game and people aren't even trying to have fun. So I do what I do to have fun at peoples expense who take the game too seriously. Those are just a couple of the things that happen not including guys always punching other guys in the face. I have not been punched yet.
So basically you're screwing with other people's ice time because you think you have found your role in a beer league? Way to go.

Is it people taking the game too seriously, or perhaps people who look forward to playing a few nights a week that prefer not to have some poor man's Sean Avery running around their beer league?

Seriously what am I doing that is so bad? Pushing a guy back after he pushes me near their net? Grabbing a stick when someone has already used it as a weapon on me? Slashing when someone slashes me first.
It's hockey. In the lowest of non-contact lower-D leagues, there will be contact. Incidental hits, contact/rubbing along the board, the frustrated slashes across the shins, arms, back, etc. It happens.

Anyways I'll still feed off the crap because it is funny to me that people don't lighten up and they take a beer league so seriously.
From what I learned in my first few seasons coming back, the teammates who want to help you will address your faults and tell you how to improve. If they're not telling you how to improve your game, it's one of two reasons: a) you're the team ringer who has played a higher level of hockey than the rest, and b) they know their advice won't be helpful to you. I'm gonna take a guess and assume that you aren't the team ringer.

Let me put it like this: has the team spoken up and said they admired your work as the team pest? "TMLOBI, you are easily best pest not just on our team, but in the league." Have you ever heard that before?


Think about it.

To me, being the beer league pest/goon means you are taking a role because you are unwilling to improve on your game. You're basically telling yourself "I'm not a good shot, I don't think I can be a playmaker. What else can I do? I got it. I can cover the parts of my game that I'm not improving on by being an annoying jerk on every shift." I've seen this person before in more than a few leagues (even a few inline leagues...yes, really), and they were never "the pest" that can also lead the team in goals or finish top 10 in assists. There's a reason why they take the role.

But if that's the "role" you think you have to the team, who am I to question it?

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