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10-19-2006, 08:16 AM
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While Pleks moves his feet a lot and works well defensively, we may have overestimate his ability to finish in the Bigs, hence not being the greatest asset on a regular supposed scoring line. I personnaly like the guy for his energy and defensive play but he will have to put points on the board now.

As far as Sammy, well I was a fan of the Boston's Sammy, was less a fan of the Edmonton Sammy, and less and less a fan of the Montreal one.....He's just not skating like he use to. Are we going to find out that he was out of shape and that next year he'll come to camp with 10-15 pounds less on his shoulders....

Kovy is Kovy, you won't change him, you either trade him or keep him, can't be traded with that contract and that's anyway not the decision I would take. If he's well surrounded, he's a total gamebreaker.

Ribeiro was definately not the solution, we might find out that Pleks isn't least not offensively to pivot a 2nd line. A 3rd line, sure, but what do we do with Bonk, he's too efficient to go back on the 4th......

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