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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
Ok so I just started up hockey again after a 7 year or so hiatus and I was never that good so naturally I'm still not that good. I do the little things people don't notice like skate hard, clear the net, stay in position, get in shooting lanes and block shots. But what I am not able to do is skate all that fast or carry the puck. So I have become the pest. The player the other bench seems to hate and chirp constantly. I'll draw penalties by getting into your face, pushing you (not hitting) just pushing you like offside or near your goalie to make room for myself. I'll hold your stick and call the ref saying I'm being hooked (beer league refs fall for that often.. especially because I'm not a good player so they think I don't know the game). I'll slash your shin pad to try and get you to retaliate. If you have the puck and I'm near you chances are you'll get past me rather easily but I'll still poke at the puck or your skate to slow you down. When guys get angry at my antics I usually just stand there with a big grin on my face. In the offensive zone I just crash the net hard and try to screen the goalie and hope to get a tip or a rebound. I'm not all that effective but I still manage to piss the other teams off something awful. Should have heard the guy the other day when I held his stick as the ref called him on the hook HAHAHA.

This is so much fun for me. People take it so seriously and I'm there to instigate and get under their skin. I've told a few guys on other teams that I am having lots of fun playing. This gets them a little pissed off.

I know most people will hate me for the pesty things I do but I will feed off of it!

So am I an ******* and stop being a pest? Or should I continue with my antics and try to draw penalties (really the biggest way I contribute to my team). I have drawn about 6 or so penalties in 9 games and have only taken one penalty as I goofed and slashed the guy back. We both went to the box.

A guy on my team after a game asked me "how do you manage to piss off the other bench every game? Like how can they be mad at you"? I'm typically a nice guy to most everyone so I understand his confusion HAHAHA. I'm having a blast!
If you're only playing rec hockey, then what you're doing is asinine.

Most guys just want to play beer league hockey for fun and enjoy a drink after the game - not have to endure some idiot (who probably has small mans syndrome) make-believe he's Brad Marchand.

Like iamjs pointed out, you're fun equates to making everyone else miserable.
To me, that's a level of selfishness I'll never understand.
Especially in rec hockey.

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