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10-19-2006, 10:10 AM
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All this donair talk inspired me to grab a donair last night at Js. He appeases the lettuce and pepper types with a Subway style choice of add ons, and the purists can get it as plain as they want. I chose the "sweet" sauce over the tzatziki sauce on a super jumbo, which comes with a coupon for $2 off your next angioplasty. He puts as much cheese and sauce on it as you want for the same price too.

I had to wait a while, since he only does one at a time and for the 15 minutes I stood there in line I was forced to inhale donair aromas on an empty stomach. Needless to say I was pretty freakin ravenous by the time I got home and got it unwrapped. ***Just a tip to the donair virgins out there, do not sit on a recliner and try to eat a super jumbo donair without a tarp. If your donair is as dripping with sauce and other goodness as mine was you will have to eat this over a plate.***

I did a couple of errands and for some reason felt a little tired and ended up going to bed about 2 hours early...

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