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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Correct about what? Remind us?

And why the hell would Weiss sign a 1-2 year deal when teams are desperate for center help this offseason?
For a partial list:

I said our vaulted D was vulnerable to a fail vs. snipers, and Edmonton killed us. Early, season before last. Our D, and Torts and the system and it's D, the great be all and end all.

YOU OVERRATE D. I am correct to point out we needed more offense for the past coupla years.


You need a combo of things to win.
Talent alone, no. Luck alone, no. Balance alone, no, and so on.
But some of you guys will not deal good assets for multiples of assets with upside potential. Which the black hawks, along with better drafting, seem to do.

Don't be afraid to add to the quantity and quality of what we have, even if we have to trade some good pieces, even great pieces, even premium pieces, if the return warrants it.

But we will suffer until posters who disagree bend, buckle and break and listen to me on that one. I'm sorry, but it is just not objective saying arbitrarily we should never trade player A or B, instead of, my approach, which is what is the risk of making a profit by trading A or B. Can we get enough profit to justify the risk?

I said sell Girardi while his stock was high.
A lot of posters here mocked me. The last posting of Girardi to Edmonton was by an Oiler fan, and you know they want him, it's just they want to offer so much less for him. Our side is not much better, with pricey demands as well.

Now comes reality. Must move vets to create cap space.
Girardi is still a great D, not what he was (stellar), but still good-very good. But
Girardi is < any of McD, Staal, MDZ, Moore. And don't give me that crap about everything always has to be balanced, L-R
I'd rather have 2 superior Ls or Rs instead of a balanced but good L-R combo.

We will move Girardi at the first opportunity, in the totality of the circumstances. We should not have then, nor now, nor over this season look to push him out the door, esp. for less value. But by the same token if we were gonna sell him anyway, and again, yield to the reality of the cap, we should have sold him high.

And stop criticizing people who are.


This one is incomplete because of Torts. I will have the last laugh here after this season, barring injury.


I was the first to point out that we had to trade him, regardless of performance, because of his salary v. the cap.
I was again called this, that, etc.
even though it was objective, rational logic.
Now I am clearly proven right.


As you all know, I was virtually alone in saying when we desperately needed help, gambling on JT Miller was an acceptable risk. Sure, he needed a lot of seasoning, still does. But this teenager was good enough to hit the garden.

Then, when his cup of coffee was finished, did they preserve a precious year of ELC and send him down, which was the smart biz decision? No, they kept him up for a few weeks. Why? Both because they were desperate AND because he had enough potential that HE COULD ACTUALLY CUT IT.

Miller was force fed while he was here. On balance it was a positive experience. He knows exactly what he has to do when he gets here. Every day, his ability improves, so it is only a matter of time before he makes it as 2C or 3C for us.

I rest my case. :

Someone once said it takes real balls for me to make some of my posts.

Yeah, real balls.
So much better than the artificial kind.

Bold: Having said we might trade Stepan + for serious return, I said as a fallback Weiss was an option to consider as he is UFA. No guarantee he'd come, or come here cheap.

On the other hand, if his only immediate competition for 1C on this club was Brassard, and he'd be have Kreider and Nash for Ws, he might well connect the dots, and say this is not Torts' Rangers, they will press to run offense, which I can handle, and these are good Ws, not even looking at the rest of the club, so forgetting the SC for a moment, if I want to look at bettering my point totals, this might not be such a bad way to go.

Sure other clubs might have more depth/better offense overall, but w/Kreider and Nash for Ws, that like augurs well for his personal point total.

You are correct to a point that supply and demand is a serious part of the equation. But do honestly expect he will get an insane deal for HUGE $$ extended years? So much so that doing a year or two in NY to raise his profile with better points is not in his best interests?

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