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Originally Posted by 7r4n View Post
Hey guys,

I'm thinking of switching over to half visor soon. Been playing the cage for a while, tried my buddy's visor and man was the difference noticeable.

Was just wondering if you guys had any advice for me on my switch. Obviously I'll be wearing a mouthguard but I know those aren't completely accident proof.

Basically, any stories that would sway me from my change or vice versa? Any stories that would make me want to change even more!

I played with a half-visor for a better portion of my time until I got my tooth knocked out in two different occassion. Switched to cage and had a bit of a tough time adjusting.

You get used to it after a while but hockey definitely does feel better without the cage. It's a bit clunky but other than visual comfort, I didn't really notice any performance hindrance.


I'm 31 now and I'm sooooo out of shape. I realized I'm a bigger mouth breather than I thought (as bad as that sounds.) But with a cage, I find myself being unable to recover and breathe well after a burst of hard skating within a shift.

This is because I can't drop my jaw and suck in huge air when my body is really exerting effort. The chin guard that comes with the cage doesn't really give a huge breathing room; just so-so.

Switched back to half-visor... doing much better now. I can breath hard = i can skate hard = I can recover fast = I can be more useful for my entire shift (rather than just useful for 1 burst)

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