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06-27-2013, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Yeti34 View Post
Trade Pevs + Savvys 4 mill LTIR(Your Wrong about that). Rask an make 6 Horton 5.

Trade Kelly if you have to. Boychuck just got 6 goals in the playoffs + played great. WE are not giving him away to EDM.
You cant put Savvy on LTIR until TC ends. Meaning, you cant just spend over the cap in FA. And hes actually right. Savvy still counts against the cap but you are allowed to exceed the cap by the contact amount. So effectively, you are both right.

So 2 of Horton, Boychuk, Kelly and Pevs have to go before TC starts. If it were me Id trade Kelly and Pevs but the Bs brass is very, very high on Kelly. You dont know what will happen any better than I do. And we arent giving him away. Marincin and the 37th arent scraps by any means.

Rask may get more than 6M. Horton might want more than 5M. You dont know so we're exploring options.

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