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06-27-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Haha. That was also true of the Jamison deal. Then his financing fell through. Hulsizer's deal looked pretty well wrapped up too. Then the GWI set fire to it. Then there's the old grandpas rolling around with petitions. Will those factors arise again? Maybe, maybe not. Nobody saw them coming then, however. I'm sure there is something nobody sees coming now that will show up and throw a wrench in the gears. It's too contentious. It's too crappy of a deal. There are so many factors that want to kill this thing. Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

A YES vote is cause for celebration. NO means certain and immediate death of the market. A YES provides some hope. However, if you think a YES vote on Tuesday means that the team will remain for five more seasons, with no doubts about it, you'll be disappointed when things inevitably continue to drag on and complicate.
That was the point I was attempting to make a month ago when people were acting like this thing is suddenly predictable. It's been ****ing chaos from the start, it's not even remotely a stretch to assume that will continue. I mean maybe this is finally the end but then again would anyone really be that surprised if it's not?! It's the damnedest thing and I will say this, if the Coyotes make it out of this thing and stay here, no fan base in the NHL will feel as much joy from a cup win as the Coyotes fan base would. You can't appreciate sweet until you've had sour and no one has tasted sour on the level of Coyotes fans.

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