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06-27-2013, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Section311 View Post
Yesterday I got 4 in a row in sec 224 row 12 seats 11-14.. Dead center and I got my other two on the aisle in section 210 right next to 211 and I got row 12 so it ended up being basically two aisle seats because there are no seats in front if me because row 11 is shorter...very happy
311, you may want to re-think those aisle seats in Row 12. I speak from unpleasant experiences.

The seats have plenty of leg room. Yes, there is nobody in front of you, except every Tom, Dick, and Harry who will be entering the bowl just before play begins. Oh, and there will be a metal hand rail and some tempered glass impacting your view.

See my previous post:

That picture was taken in 222, Row 12, one seat in from the aisle bordering 223. (My buddy and I had the two seats on the aisle). I am 6'-5". My picture taking was generous. The aisle seat is much worse. In the aisle seat in 222, Row 12, everything from the 8th avenue blue line to the 7th avenue end of the ice could only be seen looking through the portal glass.

Nobody should pay their asking price to sit in those seats. If you can get Row 11 aisle seats, you are golden (tested them myself). Row 12, not so much....


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