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10-19-2006, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
Look how long it took Afinogenov to become a good player. He's 27 and had his first good season last year. Perezhogin won't be as good offensively as Maxim, but he'll be much better defensively.
Great point - way too much focus is put on the younger players. Night in/night out it's the vet's that will decide the outcome of games.

That being said, I thought the Habs played well enough last night to win. They could of put the game away in the second period, Khabibulin stood on his head, and they ran out od steam in the third.

Player Eval's after 6 games

Huet: (B) Has played well enough, although I keep hearing McGuire in my head (Please stop). Shoot out aside, played solid.

Abeschir: (B) Still not a big fan of his unorthodox style.

Souray: (B-) Becoming a unidimensional player - much cheaper version of McCabe. 23:00 minutes a game is too much.

Rivet: (C+) Doesn't seem as comfortable nor as effective as last year. Needs to pick up offensive game.

Markov (B-) - Enigma, I don't think he is a true number 1 although he plays number 1 minutes. Looks disinterested at times.

Komi (A-) - Skating has improved, most effective d-man so far

Niinimaa (C+) - Not as bad as annouced although his puck carrying decisions need to improve. If he simplifies his game he will be more effective. Like to see him get more PP time.

Streit (B-) Liked what I saw so far, I hope Carbo gives him some more responsibilities to see how he responds.

Dandeneault (B-) I thought he was having a solid start of the season.

Koivu: (A-) Slowed down the last two games but off to a good start.

Higgins: (A+) Already the Habs best player, play like a seasoned veteran

Ryder: (A) My surprise of the year. New found speed and energy always dangerous. Thank god we didn't trade him.

Kovalev (B-) He looks somewhat disinterested, but still a constant force.

Plakanec (C+) - Not a second line center, at least not yet. Either that or he's in awe of his linemates. Was more agressive in his role of last year.

Samsonov (C-) Only reason he doesn't get a D is because of his goal on Tuesday. Not sure he is in the best spot yet.

Bonk (B) - Great comeback season so far.

Johnson (B) - What's not to like, size, speed, heady player. Perfect 3rd liner.

Perezhogin (B) - Let's give him some time. Effort is there, great speed, just needs to finish.

Begin (C) - Less effective so far this year.

Downey (B) - Loved what he was bringing before injury. Good energy guy.

Murray (D) - Less effective also.

Latendresse (C) - Not quite sure he is ready for prime time.

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