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10-19-2006, 01:52 PM
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I'm a EHM 2005 player and I checked my last drafts.

First French Name
#53 Dave Derosiers ( from Ontario )
#57 Michael Dubuc ( From Alberta )
#71 Jean-Francois Young ( Young isn't really a Franch but JF is )
#82 Vincent Baker ( Baker is still not a real French name )
#156 Kevin Blais ( From Ontario )

No real french name coming from quebec in this draft

I Have a few quebecers on my team/prospects but look at their names
G Daniel Thornton from Lachine
D Francois Carlson from Montreal
D David Henderson from Greenfield Park
D Daniel Brooks from Hull
F Patrick Watson from Greenfield Park
F Sebastien Dreger from Terrebonne
F Jean-Francois Freeman from Chicoutimi
F Patrick Kisio from Thurso
F Francois McDonald from St-Eustache
F Simon Purves from Quebec City
F Pierre Murray from Sorel

See ? no real Franch Canadian Names

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