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06-27-2013, 11:15 PM
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Mark Curtis interviewed Weiers on 12 News earlier today; he obviously isn't at all pleased by the NHL's and RSE's pressure on Glendale for expedited passage of the deal. Obviously the best exchange was

Curtis: Do you feel that the NHL has a gun to your head?
Weiers: More like a bazooka

I think he's firmly in the "no" column. But, unlike Alvarez, he's being very reasonable and articulate about his position - can't really fault him for it given the financial details and the history of this protracted, sordid affair.

But then again, we really can't anticipate how the Council will behave until Tuesday night. I'm sure Bettman/Daly will be in town and Yotes supporters will be in attendance. Very easy for someone to crack when the chips are down.

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