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10-19-2006, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I remember Moore. He's a Harvard grad who wasn't expected to make it but did but got attacked so now he can't play anymore so is considered a bad guy because he doesn't want to away and hide. I know who he is and wish he could still make a living in hockey. Bertuzzi, I care less about. As for the stories surrounding these guys, well globally I worry more about hearing about death and destruction, I care because I care about hockey. I remeber Dimaio playing in the WJC. He's always been a tough little sob, and it's sad that hi stime will end not of his own choice.

I felt bad when it happened to Mondou,Cam Neely, Fischer in Detroit, and for that matter Jean Hamel though he was a 7th d man not a star. Dismissing them makes you look small Shabutie. I don't think it reflects the way you are but you can't expect a different reaction.

I'm not going to church lighting a candle for either guy, but they're guys who made a living playing a game I enjoy and leaving due to injury matters. It matters the same as a bigger name.
I'm not dissmissing them...It sucks for them that they don't get to live out there dream anymore...but **** happens.

I don't understand how Latendresse would actually regret what he did...He finished his check. It's unfortunate that Dimaio got injured...but he did what he had to do. Hell that check might've been the thing that made Latendresse join the team this season. He needs to get back to playing the body and not fearing injuring anyone (if that's what's bothering him).

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