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10-19-2006, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
You're comparing what Bertz did to what Latendresse made...Smarten up.

Lats finished his check (which looked perfectly legal), it's not his fault that Dimaio is made like a china doll. Do you think Ryder had any second thoughts when he injured Havlat? Injuries happen in this game, it's not Lats fault that he finished Dimaio's career therefore he shouldn't have any second thoughts.

I really don't care about Dimaio and I really don't care about Moore...Sure the incident was aweful, but who remembers the guy?
Yes injuries happen but let's not kid ourselves. Hockey players know when they are lowering the boom and possibly hurting the other player. Anyone that says that Lats didn't have an intent to injure is diluding themselves. There was no reason to hit DiMaio, the puck was gone and DiMaio was standing still. Also, Lats came across the ice completely to level DiMaio. The same goes for Regyhr and he was honest about his intention in an after game interview. He saw it as an opportunity to wake up his team and if that meant delviering a head shot, so be it. It's nice to hide behind the "legality" of the hit. That means nothing. The hit can be legal but you still have the intent to injure.

Although it seriously pains me, I have to agree with McGuire. The NHL should work on eliminating head shots.

As for the Moore reference, this is truly in poor taste. Bertuzzi deserved to go to jail for what he did.

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