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06-28-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Burnt Biscuits View Post
I agree NTC's are for players who take sweetheart deals to stay with a team and don't want their generosity taken advantage of, by being traded elsewhere. I am actually happy his agent is asking for an NTC cause to me it means Gagner really does want to stay here through the thick and the thin of it all, but when you combine this with the rumored contract demands it is just asking for too much.
That's where I'm at as well. The good teams in the league have a lot of NMC/NTC contracts.

Hawks have 6
Bruins have 11
Detroit has 7
Penguins have 8

Oilers have 1

The Oilers are a team that needs to become an attractive destination that players want to stay. A lot of that has to do with on-ice success. Gagner wanting a NMC/NTC should be a positive sign.

Gagner wanting an NTC kind of makes me like him more. Kid wants to stay in town.
I wouldn't be against giving him something like a six(or even seven) year deal in the 4M ball park with some sort of limited NMC. Even he deteriorate to a great 3rd line winger in 4 years 4M with the cap likely to go up is tolerable and I myself think he'll just get better in the next 5-6 years.
That's pretty solid cap management. If they can push it towards 3,5 then even better. Then I'd consider a fulll NTC.

Edit: Come to think about it I'd be fine with a full NTC at around 4M as well however at the negotiations I'd be very against it
Sam's a dedicated pro. I'd go between 4 and 5 M on him. I don't think we'd get burned signing this kid up long-term either.

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